If at first you don’t Succeed dust yourself off and try again. -Aaliyah

Well today is the day I set up yet another blog. Over the past ten years I have probably owned 5 or 6 blogs. I try to keep it up for about 6 months and then life happens. As the 2001 pop artist Aaliyah once sang if at first you don’t succeed dust yourself of and try again try again. So here I am starting a new blog. I have had my Instagram account for a while now and I recently had my first ever art show, as I start to become more and more known as an artist I started to think that I needed to put myself out there more and more on the internet. As I wrote in my about page, this blog will be a mix of sharing with you my work, my journey to the finish line and my inspiration along the way. I’m so thankful for technology, the ability to share and be vulnerable with people across the globe. I hope my blog will create a sense of community for people around the world that are interested in being creative, connecting with their inner child, and learning new things. May this space inspire you to be you. Thank you for journeying with me on this creative path.

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