Over the years I have drawn myself in so many different ways. Some may think it’s pride or self centeredness. I must have a big ego. And maybe those things are true (I am sure we all fall into the temptation of a big ego) but for me this is how I learn, discover who I truly am. A few years ago I learned that if you were to examine the DNA of a caterpillar not knowing what it was you would determine you were examining a butterfly. A caterpillar is metamorphosing into what it already is. Like a caterpillar, as I draw my reflection through the seasons, I am documenting my becoming. Scared, brave, beautiful, tired, humble, prideful, learner, leading, trusting, doubting, beloved, receiving, falling, failing, reaching out, asking questions, angry, hurt, resentful, grounded, empty, full, beautiful, joyful, creative, creating, peace, joy, love, patience. I am becoming. What better way to remind myself of my journey than to document it in the best way I know how. These are my reflections. Not one is complete, not one is final. This is how I honor my present self.

How do you document, remember and honor your self through the seasons?

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