designing my friends’ wedding invites

This summer I got to design my good friends’ wedding invites. I have never done something like this before to this scale so it was an amazing learning opportunity for me. We used Mailchimp to create an e-vite which was also a cool learning opportunity. Below is a glimpse into my process and the workContinue reading “designing my friends’ wedding invites”

A growing baby + changing body…. & life

Today I am 25 weeks pregnant, which means I have three more weeks in my second trimester. Which means I am that much closer to my life completely changing. This month has been a hard month for me in my body. Starting with me getting so sick and dehydrated, I ended up in the ER,Continue reading “A growing baby + changing body…. & life”

Reflections on entering into advent

We have all lost so much this year. Individually and communally. When I take time to think of the loss it feels to heavy to even type it out. Like these words won’t even scratch the surface, of the loss, the pain, the trauma we have all experienced to some degree. As we enter intoContinue reading “Reflections on entering into advent”