The art of keeping a sketch.


Sketchbooks, the struggle is real. Am I right? I mean its hard to finish one with out starting another one, it’s hard to not buy more, its hard to keep them organize, its hard to store them once you are done. Maybe I need a support group? ha. But really how many of you feel the same way? Over the past year I have been working hard to finish my stack of unfinished books and organize the ones I’m still currently using. It’s been hard for me because I am very disorganized, but after wrapping ups some old books and researching organizational tips I finally have a system that works for me! yay!

So I currently have three sketchbooks. My first book is an art journal, I use this book in community with a group of women here in my neighborhood, we get together once a week, read a passage from the bible, or read a prompting question to reflect on and then we create beautiful pages of our spiritual reflections, this book is small and cheap but full of lessons and beauty and inspirations. My second book is my every day sketch book, here I draw and paint for practice, inspiration, challenges or planning for a bigger project. And my last book is for learning, anytime a take a digital creative course, my learning is inputted into this book, also a cheap book but I think that is ok since it is for my own learning and discovery.


Do you have a system for your sketchbooks? Any recommendations for me? I’d love to hear them! Also if you are interested in getting organized yourself or just need a little inspo here are some helping links.

Minnie Small on Youtube has some great videos on sketchbook tips and tours. She is by far my favorite go to artist for helpful tips, tricks and sketchbook inspo.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 6.31.52 PM.png

Some 5 helpful sources:

12 tips for organizing your sketchbooks

tips for sketchbook storage

the best sketchbooks around

make your one sketchbook! 

don’t know what to draw?



Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment below with your questions, more helpful tips, or just to say hello. I’d love to hear from you! Happy Monday everyone I hope you have a great week.



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